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Thursday, January 17, 2013


In the town of Pahuatlan  live the Otomis and the Nahuas. These people have been there for thousands of years. They've seen Aztec and Spaniard contests, and are still there keeping "The Consciousness of the Universe" alive. A few westerners have talked to them, but I personally do not know what the Otomis know. Consciousness is an emergent property of matter, and now we have a worldwide accepted cosmology. Using the scientific method we know that the stage we are going through, started more than thirteen thousand million years ago, with the process known as the Big Bang.

I only know one person from Pahuatlan, he is light skinned, so I assume he is not Otomi. He told me that when he was a kid, he could walk anywhere he wanted in town, like if it was his playground.

Professor Jacques Galinier has visited  them since 1969. He gave a lecture in Puebla yesterday.

According to the Current Cosmovision, the only consciousness in the Universe exists on Earth. It is fundamental, first that we recognize this fact, and second that we start  intelligent conversation with Human minds here on Earth.

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