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Sunday, January 26, 2014


This note is NOT about Alfonso Cuaron's movie. Go see it though, it is good. It is about the difference between this force and the other three known forces, nuclear-strong, nuclear-weak, and electromagnetic. I posted a video on the possibility that atoms are black-holes.

There is a puzzle in Physics right now, the atomic nucleus of Hydrogen, seems to have two different sizes, if we measure it with electrons, or with its weak cousin, the muon. So far no differences had been found between these two particles, leading the great physicist Isidor Rabi to ask, who ordered that? The new puzzle may answer this old question.

According to Roberto Onofrio, there is a way to test if muons, and electrons interact differently with the proton, due to a new component of Gravity.

That'll be neat.

The black hole bit, though, is another story altogether.

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