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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Either this name describes the place we live in, or not. Recentley Fan et al., proposed a parallel universe made of Dark Matter, which exists alongside our known Universe. The idea of Dark Matter is old, it was Fritz Zwicky who proposed that matter affected by gravity, but otherwise invisible to us, could explain the high velocity of stars in regions where there was not enough visible light to account for their motion.  Also Hugh Everett III, proposed that we live in parallel universes, and only perceive one of them. Obviously if the Universe is not one, the name does not agree with the thing. I should clarify that Fan et al. do not use Everett's ideas.

I feel that Fan et al., proposal, pertains to a single Universe, and then, we should assign some solution of Einstein Equations, to their new objects, or start anew. Maybe we can have a huge capacitor with their Disk, and our Disk, say one positive, and the other negative. That would be a huge particle accelerator, maybe thus explaining the highest energy cosmic rays  reaching Earth.

One Universe!

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