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Saturday, April 13, 2013

On Jorg Tofte Jebsen, and George Francis Rayner Ellis

J. T. Jebsen

George F.R. Ellis

Professor Ellis just sent an important paper to the arXiv.

There is a paper on the misnomer "Birkhoff's Theorem", here.

I  tell a personal story here.

I was born in Mexico City, my interest in Physics was inspired by Professor Mario Vázquez Reyna, of the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica, ESIME. Neither Professor Vázquez, nor Jebsen, and I am afraid, Ellis as well, have received their due respect in world science.

I first found out about Ellis studying his book, The Large Space Structure of Space-Time.  I studied this book in Puebla, Mexico, with my friend Juan Julián Rivadeneyra Pérez. I thought Ellis was a professor somewhere in England, it was a surprise to find him in South Africa. Following Birkhoff's path through Mexico, I found my professor's name, since he was one of the first Mexicans, to work in Modern Physics. Birkhoff did not know of Jebsen's Theorem, because Jebsen died young in Europe, afflicted with tuberculosis. Associated with Birkhoff in Mexico, there are other important names. Alberto Barajas, Carlos Graef Fernández, and Manuel Sandoval Vallarta. I had the good fortune of meeting some of them, as well as Graef's collaborator, Eduardo Piña Garza.

Only when conditions are sufficient, great talents flourish.

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