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Friday, April 12, 2013

Packed Planetary Systems and Atomic Model: "Motion has to fit,so it can last"

The Packed Planetary Systems (PPS) hypothesis states that:

"planetary systems form in such a way that the system could not support additional planets between the orbits of the existing ones, the gap would be expected to host a planet."

The atomic model obtained by the rules of Quantum Mechanics, produces a similar result. In one case, it has to do with the wave character of matter, in the other with stability theory in classical mechanics. There are general patterns of motion. The connecting principle may be stability. Adrian Bejan discovered the Constructal Theory: Flow is such that next time around, flow is easier. The code is in Newton's Mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics, uses waves to express this fundamental stability. Motion has to fit,so it can last.

From 1304.3341 we get:

"The PPS hypothesis suggests that the majority of systems will be near the edge of dynamical instability. That is, undetected planets will occupy a stable region and will tend to bring the system closer to (but not over the edge of) instability."

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