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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After listening to Humberto Maturana's lecture last year at CERN, I have this to write:

  1. I understand autopoiesis better
  2. Some questions show the person did not understand
  3. There is a discovery made by Maturana's school
I felt that professor Bertolucci felt attacked, when nothing in the presentation or answers by Maturana implies an attack. The way I understand this is through the concept of reality/objectivity. Maturana claims that we construct our path through life. This path convinces us that we are ok, most of the time. We are not crazy scientists trying to endanger ourselves and others. Nevertheless "reality" is constructed.

I do believe that there is a reality which is not "reality" that I approach to, all through my life path.

Vlatko Vedral, David Deutsch, and John Wheeler, were more willing to take this path. I do not know professor Bertolucci, but I feel better guided by the Wheeler school.

Maturana's discovery can be called the objectivity of subjectivity.

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