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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Physics Nobel Prize 2012

Serge Haroge and David J. Wineland won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics.


For some, this may end the mystery of Quantum Mechanics. For me it only heightens it.

Some may take this to mean, that quantum computers are around the corner, and now we live in a quantum universe of information wave functions, which are not real. For me, it supports the view that wave functions are as real as light waves, and that Albert Einstein, was right after all. I believe that the initial battle between Bohr and Einstein, was more of a political fight, than a scientific one. Einstein was left to rot in a corner of the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies, because he refused to join the Military Industrial Complex, which Bohr started.

The wave function exists, even though, Quantum Mechanics is the best Statistical description we have of the microscopic world.

Here is my, very speculative opinion.

It starts with Feynman's Checkerboard.

In a discrete version of Dirac's Equation, which governs electron motion in quantum computers, a zigzag fractal path, tells the electron how to move. My question is where is the computer program directing this motion?

I believe that a 1-D Cellular Automaton, maybe the 110, studied by Harold V. McIntosh, Matthew Cook, and Stephen Wolfram, is simple enough, to exist all over the place, and that the electron, as in a Turing Machine,  can read and execute the program.

The Dirac Wave Function then, has to be real, so the electron knows what to do following the instructions.


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