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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Idea

Today I was talking to a friend about censorship in science. If your idea is preliminary, very preliminary, and is new, very new; chances are it won't be published. In other words other scientists will not discuss it.

Scientists can be a conservative bunch sometimes.

I told my friend we still have the blogs!

Here I go.

Information bomb.

Complex software object capable of breaking down Iranian Centrifuges.

Stuxnet!, you will say; that is not new. The point here is, that I had the idea around twenty years ago.

Anyway, here is another one I just had right now.

There is a Mathematical Theory of Complexity, which will make big data problems kid's play. We are talking trillions of dollars here. It is like the turbulence problem of my times. We knew that aeronautics engineers, were paying millions of dollars to test planes in wind tunnels, because they lacked  an analytical theory of turbulence. This theory I'm talking about, which must exist, is several orders of magnitude more important.

Problem is: I don't have the theory yet.

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