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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death in My Family

"Magdaleno Olivares Soto, Miguel Silva García, Adelaido Calderón Flores, Luis Gerardo Olivares Bautista, Wiliam Flores Flores, María González Castro, Abel Flores Román, Ana Cristal Alarcón Flores, Esperanza Flores Linares, Lucia Flores Linares, Sandra González Sanábriga, Leónides Linares Linares, Flor Isabel Domínguez López, Ricardo González Torralba, Uriel Olivares Bautista, Angelina Castro Medina, Eugenia Castro Medina, Karina Sanábriga Urquidea, Rosa Ivett Alarcón Villegas, Macario Pantaleón Nery, Juan Carlos Linares Leyva and Citlali Yamilet Castro Calderón, also Adelina Calderón Villaverde and 2 year old, Alejandro González Castro, who died in the Iguala hospital."

La Jornada de Guerrero

My uncle Arturo Figueroa Uriza was a historian; his father Andrés Figueroa Figueroa,  was Defense Minister in the Lázaro Cárdenas administration. Uncle Arturo researched the origin, of the Figueroa and Uriza families of Huitzuco. I read in one of his books, that the Figueroas came from Spain, then he found them in Cotija, Michoacán, then Juliantla, Guerrero, from there he found records in Buenavista de Cuéllar,  and finally in  Huitzuco county: Quezalapa, Chaucingo, and Huitzuco.

The list above, is for the dead. This past weekend a Workers Party candidate closed his campaign for Mayor in Buenavista. There was an accident and over twenty people died. I believe some in that list belong to my family. My maternal great grandfather was Abraham Castro.

A historian friend of mine, Gil Arturo Ferrer Vicario, explained to me, how whole Spanish families were brought to New Spain, because by law, Indians were not allowed to ride horses. Besides American Indians are lactose intolerant. They were not cowboys. My ancestors come from Central Asia, where a genetic mutation gave them advantage over other groups, because they became Lactose tolerant. My grandfather Manuel Uriza Marbán, knew how to make a delicious cheese. We got  a huge piece for the whole year in Mexico City.


Taken From La Jornada Guerrero

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