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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Since I was Academic Secretary at the Physics and Mathematics Department in Puebla, Mexico, I had this idea, that businesses did not know how to use the talent of scientists in general, and mathematicians in particular.

A storm is coming to Chicago today, and very likely I am the only scientist wandering right now how businesses and authorities are protecting us now.

They are not. At least not as well as they could, with the latest scientific knowledge available.

Many people in authority got the authority, not by knowing how nature works, but instead by the social connections and the inherited wealth they have.

Of course, scientist or not, I am just a regular citizen, and should be ready for the storm,  using my knowledge; however I spend more time understanding, than executing plans. I do not have authority over funds, you know?

If I had money, I should buy rain barrels: Trib Local Warrenville.

But that is not what I do; for instance, my last business transaction was: I bought donated library books at a dollar each, and then I sold them at two dollars to a business woman. With the profit I bought another used book from her, and spent the rest on a cup of coffee.

That is lame; coffee does not let me sleep.

I have to improve a lot in this category!

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