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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More on Constructal Law

I wrote a  note on inventors in this blog. Can social processes be understood with the Constructal Law?

I will, and of course errors will be made, by me.

Kwasi Kwarteng writes today in the NYT, that England could not maintain the British Empire after Second World War. He points out, that the US may be in the same situation now. My point on inventors also speaks to us, of constraints on the flow of Information. Inventors invent, but we do not get the inventions. "Something" is in the way. I claim the "something" is the 1 % getting most of the cash in the current economic arrangement of the world. They are an obstacle to the free flow of Information.

In this view, Participatory Democracy is a manifestation of the Constructal Law, Information flows in such a way to make flow better.

This post tries to unlock the obstacles to the free flow of Information.

There is a Norwegian mathematician, Johan Galtung, that believes the US is also in a similar declining state, you can watch the Democracy Now! interview here.

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