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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Classes Over!

For all practical purposes I am thinking of the next term rather than the present one. One of my Simulation class  students  [link], is not coming next week, they are 2 only. Then I leave to Chicago, December 15. I have a Physics class that is used basically to teach my stuff of a New Scientific Method [link], then I have an "Analysis of the Contemporary World" class [link]. That's it!

These are the sunrise and sunset times, that day in Chicago.

So starting today, I am working on my stuff, even during my days in Warrenville.

I am reading Bill Byers' "How Mathematicians Think" [link].

The aha moment is crucial. Professor Wiles had it to solve Fermat's Conjecture in 1993, [link]. I cannot pinpoint a year, but I can put it around the past six months. Definitely Professor Fivel's post in the arXiv was crucial, [link].

I grant that it is not a discovery of: How is the Universe?, but rather of: How is it that we know it? But in any case, I am hopeful that something will come of it. On the other hand I do not have too much time left "Waiting for Godot", [link].

There are not mathematical equations or programs "up there" waiting for us to go fetch them. We have to make them, and the sooner I start, the better.

For starters I have two principles. The Principle of Fit (PF), and the Principle of Leibniz (PL). The first I have already described in this blog, we sort out all programs and equations, until we find the best fit to data, the second is described by Gregory Chaitin, [link], i.e., another requirement by the New Kind of Science here advocated, similar to Wolfram's [link], is that it has to be the shortest program.

From these humble beginnings, I hope to build a Numerical Computation Platform [link].

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