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Friday, December 30, 2011

Statistical Analysis of Data

Nowadays there are hardware and software tools to analyze the ever expanding data stream we can get. When the speeds are Terabytes per second, and the storing devices reach tens or hundreds of Terabytes, it is clear we are in the Information Era. Theoretical Physics, as a search for ever smaller representations of bigger and bigger data sets, is the correct approach for this daunting task of the XXIst century.

Following the Fit and Leibniz Principles presented in previous posts, one can expect success, at least to the level that Physics, as started by Leibniz and Newton has had.

There is a whole Quantitative Finance section of the arXiv.

Furthermore, physicists have intuition for proper physical behavior, and a mathematical language to express it.

Let the children of Leibniz, and so many other diplomats, and government advisers, bloom.

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