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Monday, December 5, 2011

Do I Understand?

I was baffled in the early 2000s, when first I lost my job at Lucent, and then the rich "smart" investors of DuPage County were building houses that nobody could buy!

What am I missing?

Now I see that the US is woefully behind China, NYT, and the US is going through a financial mess, to put it bluntly. It is called Real State Bubble.

Yes I was right!

I do understand.

What is coming? First those Bozos running for the GOP Presidential Nomination, all have to collapse like the Big Balls of Hot Air, that they are. Then more and more centrist rational American BUSINESSMEN, have to take control. Let us end these nonsense.

The US has to get back in track.

We can do it, guys. Wake Up.

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