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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eric S. Raymond

All computer gurus are named Eric.

I wonder if the Greek Logicians would object to this statement.

I had the privilege of meeting, and driving around Eric in Naperville, IL. We invited him for our Software Symposium around 2000 at Lucent. That was great. I had written to Richard Stallman, but he wouldn't talk just for room and board. Our supervisors were not going to pay ANY speaker a gratuity.

It was funny when I later learned, through my friend Enrique Zeleny, that Stallman stayed in a squatters' place in Puebla! Go figure.

The point of this note, though; is to comment on a very good book by Raymond - I  have a friend that translated another of his great books, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" to Spanish, José Soto - the other book is "Homesteading the Noosphere."

I finished a course in Moodle here in Chilpancingo, today. I already installed it, in my Ubuntu powered desktop.

My son has been running Apache in his Apple hardware for a long time now, but this is my first server!

I can now host my own private space in Moodleland!

I can put here my Algebra class. Here is the blogspot version.

I am homesteading the Noosphere.

BTW, I finally bought Pierre Teihlard de Chardin classic book: Vision of the Past.  I found it in a used book stand in a street in Mexico City! I paid four bucks! I will finally read what was his vision of the Noosphere.

It seems that slowly, but surely, I am finding my crowd in Chilpancingo.

I cannot do PyChilpo alone.

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