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Friday, December 9, 2011

From Obama's Speech to East Aurora High School Student

Today I was contacted through facebook by a former EAHS student of mine. He works in Lile, and is studying at Wuabonsee Community College.  I applied there last summer, and they didn't hire me after an interview. The good news is that I hadn't had an interview in a long time, the bad news is the outcome. Maybe I do not look so handsome as when I was twenty, who knows, and who cares?

After listening the great speech by the POUS, our POUS, I am inspired to try again.

How should I get back to the US?

I feel that it has to be through the private sector, but if Waubonsee, wouldn't hire me, when I am more qualified than most of their applicants, I think I should try to go through a community that sees value in my many years of study. Twenty four to be exact.

I feel that my high school students in the Chicago suburbs liked me; at least some of them, even though the hiring persons didn't like me enough.

I could leverage that fact.

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