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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Algebra Course

I am preparing an online math course in Spanish, [link]. I went to the public Warrenville library and got the Schwitters-Fischer solution book for Kaufmann's book.

Is it fair? None of my students will be able to get a library book!

Readers may think that it is fair, Mexicans are not Americans; I think is wrong. To be fair, there are free online courses, at MIT, and Stanford, to name just two universities. I actually took the Stanford Artificial Intelligence one from Mexico. Nevertheless the education opportunities in the US, are much better than in Mexico.

Half Here, Half There

Actually I feel more like Half Alive, and Half Dead!

I could use Skype and all that, but somehow, I think it is unfair; first that I am not teaching this class in the US, and second that I may loose privileges, if I stay long periods of time in Mexico.

Life is not fair; (overhead professor Hal Lewis (1923-2011) telling his young son at the UCSB elevator).

It is my fault, I am a little bit like Ettore Majorana, who did not take advantage of all the opportunities to be more time around people.

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