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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decision Time

I do not feel prepared to take a decision right now. Whether I stay in the US or go back to Mexico. This personal decision is the subject of this public note. I know of at least one dear student following me here. She already expressed her displeasure  with my most likely decision. I myself thought years ago, that I do not have anything to hide. Nevertheless now that I am older, I can see how public statements may come back to haunt me. Here I go anyway.

Yesterday I filled an application to teach Astronomy in a nearby community college. When confronted with the question: Why are you leaving your current position? I wrote: Family reasons, my family lives here.

There are actually two Astronomy classes I'm considering, one may be already taken. January does not seem to be the best time to apply. What I write here are more general reasons, to clear my mind and decide well.

The job situation appears better. Before this time there wasn't an Astronomy class in that College; I applied to teach a GED class and they did not take me. I will love to teach Astronomy there.

I like to have options. I don't regret these past  three years in Chilpancingo, in fact my curriculum was strengthened for the position I'm seeking.

I applied for a job in the financial sector as well, with my prior work at Lucent, I feel qualified for this also.

Finally; the world is changing so rapidly that it feels natural to do what I am doing.

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