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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Will and Gravity as Entropic Force

Entropic Force led to Entropic Gravity through Erik Verlinde; this sounds true to me because of my New Scientific Method.

Here I develop one of its consequences that applies to my life right now.

Free Will is defined in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

“Free Will” is a philosophical term of art for a particular sort of capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. Which sort is the free will sort is what all the fuss is about. (And what a fuss it has been: philosophers have debated this question for over two millennia, and just about every major philosopher has had something to say about it.) Most philosophers suppose that the concept of free will is very closely connected to the concept of moral responsibility. Acting with free will, on such views, is just to satisfy the metaphysical requirement on being responsible for one's action. (Clearly, there will also be epistemic conditions on responsibility as well, such as being aware—or failing that, being culpably unaware—of relevant alternatives to one's action and of the alternatives' moral significance.) But the significance of free will is not exhausted by its connection to moral responsibility. Free will also appears to be a condition on desert for one's accomplishments (why sustained effort and creative work are praiseworthy); on the autonomy and dignity of persons; and on the value we accord to love and friendship. (See Kane 1996, 81ff. and Clarke 2003, Ch.1; but see also Pereboom 2001, Ch.7.)

Did I choose to stay in the U.S.?

I have alternatives, like, I go back to Mexico and in the way back, lacking a job in the US, have my permit to work revoked. That is an alternative I did not take; so yes, I chose to stay. Within constraints one finds a path: That is my definition of free will.

I don't have a job here at the moment, only three unanswered applications. I am collaborating online with Mexican colleagues.

There is an ever present process of accommodation; an Entropic Force is a way we describe the constraints that lead to the physical motion of objects. Gravity as an Entropic Force is Erik Verlinde's way to explain why all bodies fall towards Earth's center, with the same acceleration. They all have the same constraint, Space's Curvature caused by Earth. Of course Einstein said the same, what is different in Verlinde's description, is the source of this connection: It is the existence of unknown microscopic forces we have not found, and Einstein's Equations give us just an statistical average, like atoms producing pressure on a wall.

Verlinde has to do more to convince us of his viewpoint.

What I say, is less controversial, less ambitious,  and I hope truer. I say that we fit data with the smaller program, or equation.

I do not have the program nor the equation for this assertion, it just rings true to me.

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