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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Son's Room

Sunday morning, my son in college, and I am in his room. He grew up here, he must've been eight when we moved here. I still remember when I was ten and we moved to a bigger place in Mexico in 1960. It was a big deal, I assume it was the same for my son.

 Now our place in Mexico is empty most of the time, and I am in my son's room. 

What does it mean?


I just read in the NYT, that most of the 1% do not work for others, they find ways to get more money by filing their taxes, instead of having an employer deduct them.

That's an idea. If you don't have a boss, there is a way to make more money. I guess new immigrants do not report their income, even more those that are here illegally. Of course they don't get welfare, in a way though, they get another kind of welfare.

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