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Thursday, January 26, 2012

So it goes ...

My son does not approve of the frivolous way I use this meme by Vonnegut. I think today it is appropriate. My daughter is playing Mad Libs, as part of her training in this, our School of Creative Studies. She is a writer.

I just exchanged e-mail with a cousin I consider a brother. My dad (his uncle), was an inspiration for some of us.I believe I am following a program he stored in my brain.

Now here I am, further North than any of my siblings has lived for this long time. My father actually wanted to go work to Alaska, but death came in his path.

Today I was told, that I owe myself an inordinate amount of dollars. If I am going to pay, I have to become a different person, I hope I turn into a man that can live this close to the North Pole!

And maybe my dad and I are wrong, and I will have to move my family South, in this Strange Year of 2012.

The first encounter with forces beyond my control was at O'Hare International Airport, when I was told by an immigration agent, that I could loose my privileges, if I keep acting as childish, as I have up to now.

I do see the end, it seems that I will end my days somewhere up north.

So it goes ....

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