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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I recently visited a good friend. He showed me his latest development in automation. Soon I will go see the actual laboratory where his work resides. I believe the Information Era, crucially depends on Automation.

My friend invented Robust Process Automation, or RPA for short.

He carefully observed how he did his work, then with similar attention wrote scripts to automate what he did. Soon, his workmates were impressed with his speed on their type of job. They asked for the code, and he graciously complied. The rest is history.

I believe I can do the same for math and science learning.

I  learned calculus when I was sixteen. I first taught science when I was twenty, and I am over sixty now. I can do for education, what my friend did for Software Engineering.

To do this, I need to understand Information well.

When I stop worrying so much about money, I will dedicate more time, to finally make my mark on this Earth.

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