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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Curved Path

Professor Bejan discovered the Constructal Law. Flow eases flow. The first time around whatever moves changes the region, afterwards similar objects will move easier on that constructed path. He has been able to design heat flow systems for electronic circuits, with this idea.

Newton, in 1666, during the English Great Plague, imagined that constant velocity is easy, change requires an external agent. Circular motion is real motion, constant velocity motion is equivalent to rest.

A curved path, if taken, according to Newton, is due to something in the region. For the case of the Earth around the Sun, the region was filled with a mysterious field of action at a distance. In 1916, Einstein explained what was the change; space was curved.

To me this sounds like the same thing, but neither professor Bejan nor I, have written the variational principle that encodes the Constructal Law, to compare it, with Einstein's Curvature Law.

Prior flow, makes future flow easier.

We need two times, even if infinitesimally close, and a comparison of the space regions, to make the second easier for motion than the first. Einstein's and Newton's mathematics are second order in time, therefore past and future are equivalent; contrariwise, Bejan's idea postulates an arrow of time.

Work in progress.

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