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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sir Paul in "El Zocalo"

Friday May 11, 2012
Collective ecstasy during the night Sir Paul shouted, Viva Mexico, bastards!
Pepper in "El Zocalo"
Collective ecstasy during the night Sir Paul shouted, Viva Mexico, bastards! Hundreds of thousands waited for hours to witness a historic concert
The artist played jukebox songs that were the most spectacular view in years Alfredo Dominguez Photo
At 20 hours the city authorities estimated the capacity of 90 000 people was completed and closed access to the Zocalo. Paul McCartney made ​​his appearance at 21 pm, greeted in Spanish and the party began Francisco Olvera Photo
In his Chilango English, the verses were followed by the crowd. One after another melted McCartney rolas tastes, looks and attitudes in an act of generational integration Alfredo Dominguez Photo
Before the concert, from one of the windows of the Hotel Majestic, a group of supporters of Enrique Peña Nieto took a blanket to support the PRI candidate, but when the crowd boos broke out discovered a massive mented mother and cries of disapproval Photo Francisco Olvera Juan Jose Olivares
Newspaper La Jornada
Friday May 11, 2012, p. 2
Paul McCartney last night in the Zocalo detonated a bomb that caused about 200  thousand people, according to estimates by the Federal District, an explosion of euphoria.

 Abstract and metaphysical act was through music in a historical and momentous  concert that lasted three hours.

 The consequence of this encounter between a great musician and the audience was  that indescribable joy crowded.

 The former Beatle music transgressed the boundaries of time and dimension, in a gala celebration that became popular for the capital ... and the province that  made the trip to the city and endured days to be trained to the front.

 Others were formed hours and remained without food or drinking water (although in some areas of liquid drink, placed on 60 000 plastic bags, according to Tourism officials said, was sold at 50 pesos).

 The meeting yesterday was an exciting, that only music can do, worthy of the  irrational logic of the heart that is between one (or few) transmitters and thousands of receptors, which develop codes made up of musical notes and chords  as well as with texts that narrate a few minutes the simple essence of being.

 It's great to be with you in the Zocalo for free. Viva Mexico, bastards , McCartney said at different times, and created a Golem screams high decibel showed that the phenomenon of the Beatles is endless, you just might have ended when love, heartbreak, happiness and sadness and feelings are not, they agreed  Felipe, septuagenarian, and Carlos, 25. The two met more than 14 hours standing in an area of one square meter of which did not move until it heard All My Loving , Let me roll it , drive my car or Here today (the former Beatle dedicated it to my friend John .)

 The thousands of attendees never imagined that free listen to one quarter (or  more) of the Beatles, and almost five decades later that could have occurred in Mexico City in the football stadium of the Sports City. The memory is that in  1965 when the movie A Hard Day's Night was released , the then ruler of the Federal District, Ernesto Uruchurtu, said the British band was a bad example for youth, and that Mexico City was not prepared for such events.

But now the local government could hang on a tour through the On The Run , winning the Yucatan, McCartney wanted to Chichen Itza, and gave the defeños the pleasure of living and reliving the nostalgia of the sixties Liverpool quartet.

 This time there was no long hair, although dehydrated, faint, confused, or symbols  of love and peace, or teenagers who go crazy for long sideburns of the members of the quartet.

 Now, 20 years young at heart and were part of the excitement caused by the barrage group sound pieces that are part of the personal collection of millions of people worldwide.

 It seemed inexplicable that young people aged 20 years or less so intensely  follow the former Beatle as if it were Justin Bieber. Small, medium and large took phones and lighters to form a sea of ​​fireflies in English thanks to his band.

It's great to be with you in the Zocalo for free. Viva Mexico, bastards , Paul McCartney said at different times and cry response showed that the phenomenon The Beatles is endless Francisco Olvera Photo
Chanted parts, as Eleanor Rigby - designed over four decades. The reason: the pleasure they inherit from their parents with all those records, not of acetate, but CDs, and the timelessness of this music simple and complex at once.

 They came from all parts of the city, every corner, every house in which insurance over a Beatles record has sounded. With a small lunch, a blanket, with clothes that gave off the odor peculiar to no change in days ... All to witness to that pillar of contemporary music, which continues to produce joy with his songs, whose tones are enough to trigger communal madness.

 Hours and hours of waiting, boredom and catharsis, expressed under any pretext,  such as when he heard a "fuck you" high due to a banner in support of Enrique Peña Nieto was exhibited in the windows of the buildings (the National Palace Government and the Federal District were filled with members of the low, medium and high bureaucracy).

The banner was removed, shouting: AMLO AMLO!

 My valentine, The long and winding road, Saving Changes, Maybe I'm Amazed, Something (dedicated to George Harrison), Ob-la-di, ob-la-da (accompanied by mariachi) were some pieces that gave Paul and which had also been heard in Guadalajara and in the Azteca stadium.

 Everyone won. Who also made a killing by selling any kind of products alluding to the British band and McCartney.

 Sir means lord, and in England is a title of honor for those that are relevant in social terms. Sir Paul was named some years ago by the Queen of England, but for commoners gathered in the Zocalo was not necessary that name because it gave his music since he first appeared in pubs (bars) of Liverpool. 

McCartney, co-authored with John Lennon, the most emblematic "rolas" of the Beatles, followed intense playing with such creations as simple in its text and continue injecting harmony of love, heartbreak and joy to generation after generation.

 In Chilango English  , the verses were followed by the crowd. One after another followed rolas transformed tastes, looks and attitudes, in an act of appreciation multigenerational.

 Beatlemania is not dead and neither shall it is a lifestyle and a way to reflect in some way, good taste of popular music. And that was observed in all areas of the first frame, impregnated by the figure not only Paul, but John, Ringo and George, image reproduced in men over sixty years, they never imagined attend free of charge to one of their idols. 

The influence of the Beatles is still tangible in their Mexican fans-and the world-and it showed. Rather than appreciate the music, many historical figure reminded that years of plenty.

 The pleasure was also for the Englishman, who could not hide the surprise of seeing so many people gathered and feel the energy from the navel of the moon, on a night that did not fail to congratulate the mothers of Mexico, which gave Hope of deliverance .

 They came over the jukebox "rolas" were more spectacular view of memory in many years.

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Francisco de Alencar
Paul McCartney Memory. The Beatles and Humanity. PEACE BY VIOLENCE IS THE SONG.

Francisco de Alencar Brazil
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good chronic, but
He was well chronicled until it appeared the name of J. Bieber. Why use this 
comparison improcendente case of a former Beatle? Please. It is inexplicable 
admiration of young people (including children of 10, 12) for the best group in 
history, whose devotion has been instilled by parents and grandparents, and 
recreated by the videos of Youtube. Who beats that? Anyway, great Paul McCartney "the divinity of the pop-rock".
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ian olive
Justin is the mention that today is a marketing phenomenon that creates followers and supporters. You can not cover the sun with a finger my wife. I was there and it was
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If not stained. There is no point of comparison ... They may like it or not the 
Beatles and hence by Paul McCartney but his legacy is undeniable ... Bieber is 
contemporary marketing, no more ...
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I like
Lots of enthusiasm, Paul exquisite, young crowd, music that touches the heart, 
peace and harmony come together. Very good story of Juan Jose Olivares.
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The Beatles non-zero
javier cardenas silva
Paul maintains the testimony of a humanity that longs for unconditional honesty 
and transparency, which was the "revolutionary" by the Beatles ... and still the path of genuine peace without hatred-zeros
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Sir Paul ....
Ivan Perez
Putz, and I at home!! Unforgivable! We hope to have Sir Paul more times in Mexico, in 2013, 2014, 2015, if the world does not end ... :)
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The prohibitions, the prohibitionists
In the sixties Uruchurtu, the governor of iron, said the Mexican youth was not 
prepared for the Beatles (top masters in the field) or for that music, forbade us ALL, in the seventy Echeverría, after Avandaro, where we bathed in our river 
rock festivals banned in all public areas and most free, in the eighties came the transnational with the coke, and other miserable Sabritas the forbidden 
mercadearon companies for over fifteen years (taking over the expression, art and scenarios, in the nineties the business of rock festivals and popular music 
created a market junk, expensive and of dubious quality, with exceptions so 
memorable and stadiums, in the first decade after the 2000 terror EL 11/11 and 
bagging the global spread terror as a system of government. Gracias John, George, Ringo and Paul for reminding ati these miserable prohibitionists that freedom 
always has room in the history
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The Mexicans have a special sympathy for Paul, yesterday demonstrated once again. For those who saw the Internet suffer the last minute technical changes by the 
coca cola tv transmission. At first all we saw an interview where experts were interviewed by two chavitos, then it could see more if you were not the latest 
version of browser. Until the second song could do the transfer. What about the 
bad management and switching cameras, horrific approaches, until it seemed they 
were the same producers of the debate. But thanks to the soft drink, the city 
government and Sir Paul who subtly sent a message to our political class blurry 
"all we are Saying: is give peace a chance" (heard Felipe).
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Sir Paul
Marco A.Hernández
Maca Thanks for this ray of light that I shine yesterday we thank unborn 
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Paul: a quarter (or more) of The Beatles
I think an excellent article, but to say that Paul is more than a quarter of The Beatles is to say that one (or more) of the other members were less. Each of the Beatles contributed to his room so that the band was and remains the best ever.
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