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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Adventure

Today we went to pick up our son for Christmas. Chicago can be tricky if you don't know your way around.  Union Station, what can be easier right? Wrong, he did not take the train but a bus line, which is not Greyhound Lines. Better and cheaper service, he said. Anyway, there I am at the appointed time at the corner of Jackson and Canal. I did not bring my down jacket, I was getting cold, I spotted an old wool hat on the floor, and donned it.

Finally I see the bus at the other side of the corner I was at; there I go looking for him. I didn't find him, finally I do, we hug, and start looking for his mother. She was at Starbucks, Clinton & Adams. We are all together now. Where is the car? I asked: nearby, answers my wife, in the parking lot, we walked over there, and a BMW is blocking the way!  Nobody in sight and near freezing temperature. My son and I go in the car. She finally calls from the Church in the corner. They have Christmas Eve mass, and they already announced to get the owners to move the car.

Since nobody comes we decide to go to Union Station and wait. My son has a McDonald's treat, and Mary tells us that even though she told them her name, they didn't invited her in, because it was jam packed. How ironic we thought. Here we have Mary, her husband and son, on Christmas Eve, and they don't let us in!

Oh well, we are home now. I am so happy, since he is cozy under his down blanket on his bed.

We found a surprise gift from his grandma in the mailbox!

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