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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Below I link a paper by Chao et al., with a solution to the vacuum stability problem, given the measured mass of the Brout-Higgs boson.

If there were no more physics, beyond the Standard Model, then our Universe is not stable. These scientists connect this problem, with a way to calculate other unknowns, say the neutrino masses, and the nature of Dark Matter.

There might be a better way.

Persistence is connected to stability of the ground state. Quantum Mechanics only takes us down to the ground state, if this state is not stable, we need something else.

Recently David Deutsch and Adrian Bejan have proposed what they call "The Constructor Theory", and "The Constructal Theory", respectively. In both cases I see a connection between construction and the concept of time. The way I put it is that: "Time Decodes Persistence".

I consider this a new paradigm, in the sense of Thomas Kuhn.

This is an "Agnostic Method". Given that the eye fills the blind spot with made up images, I believe the Scientific Method, as it has been used so far, does not question our perceptions, and thus has blind spots also. Reification can be a systematic error, leading us astray. I do not know if Maxwell's equations say, exist somewhere in the universe, and directs traffic, so to say. I rather assume that we have built equations, that so far have provided with numbers, that have been right on, in all cases checked. That is great, but I do not believe these equations are "real".

Information exists outside conscious observers, I propose that it exists as marks, directing the way things happen. Deutsch, makes us realize that we need a constructor in our description of anything, say the creation of complexity in the Universe. Paola Caselli, and Cecilia Ceccarelli (C&C), have a good description of "Our astrochemical heritage", in the arXiv. According to Deutsch, I will say that "catalysts" are the constructors, those are the parts that do  not change, when we go from hydrogen to helium in the CNO cycle, say, or in any of the organic chemistry reactions described in C&C's review. No observer is needed, no consciousness is necessary, the catalysts, are the constructors, they direct traffic.

There is another way to talk about a constructor, it is called: Intelligent Design, I do not want to go there, nor to the reification of "The Laws of Physics". I do not know if the constructor is intelligent, or if the equations exist. This I call the "Agnostic Method".

The proof is in the pudding, as Deutsch explains in his book, "The Beginning of Infinity", knowledge is transformative. Once some humans knew about Technetium,  they could produce it in Italy. Emilo Segrè, and Carlo Perrier did it for the first time in 1936.

In this paradigm, the observed object is persistence, time is the way we deal with this fact, in our daily experience and in science.

Space and Time are a priori, according to Immanuel Kant.

"Kant is best known for his transcendental idealist philosophy that time and space are not materially real but merely the ideal a priori condition of our internal intuition. But he worked in other areas as well. He made an important astronomical discovery, namely a discovery about the nature of the Earth's rotation, for which he won the Berlin Academy Prize in 1754. Even more importantly, from this Kant concluded that time is not a thing in itself determined from experience, objects, motion, and change, but rather an unavoidable framework of the human mind that preconditions possible experience."


Again, I do not know, but within the "Agnostic Method", it does not matter.

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