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Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Vladimir Vernadsky proposed this idea; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin made it popular in 1922 in his book Cosmogenesis,

"The main thrust of Teilhard's gnosis was a foundational understanding of the Universe, which was expressed in his theory of Cosmogenesis. According to Teilhard, the universe is no longer to be considered a static order, but rather a universe in process. And it is a continuing, upslope trajectory of evolution that Teilhard declares a cosmogenesis. The process of Teilhard's holistic cosmos is broken into the following categories: the Without and Within of things; the evolution of matter, life, consciousness; and the Omega Point."

From Stoa del Sol

The surface of my brain, as the keyboard of my computer, are surfaces to store and retrieve information, information being marks which can be read, interpreted, and acted on, in the process of Universe building, or construction.

 I believe current centers of learning will evolve towards the Omega point. Scientific magazines will become eZines, more and more intellectuals will contribute to the official knowledge, Wikipedia, and the arXive are just  previews of things to come. Robust platforms, better than Google Docs, will be collaborative structures. Live science will be almost subliminal. Everybody will be experiencing reality, and collectively constructing a better and better fit. The Noosphere will come of age!

No End, but a Beginning of a New World: José Argüelles.

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