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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jenni Rivera and the Mexican-American War

Jenni Rivera died yesterday. I just finished reading Amy Greenberg's book, "A Wicked War". I feel conflicted.

Obama got over seventy percent of the Latino vote. All he had to do was to deliver what he had already offered when elected the first time. Show some sympathy for the Mexican-Americans plight. He started moving towards a comprehensive Immigration Reform.

What happened?

Americans in 1847 supported a war that ended with a few courageous boys dying while defending their military school in Mexico City. Niños Héroes. The place where they died is a few miles away from where I was born in Mexico. Those Americans wanted to make Mexico a country of slaves; just like President James Knox Polk and his wife had slaves, they wanted to make Texas, and the whole of Mexico a wretched country of slaves.

Jenni was abused by the men in her life. Some of that type of men, have brought Mexico to her knees. The War on Drugs, has produced War Lords controlling parts of the country.

My conflict is expressed in one question: Why did Mexico fail?

Mr. Obama and all of us, have to bring social justice to so many suffering human beings.

This has to end. We all have the same DNA, we are all siblings!

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