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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthdays and Family

My brother and I, have the exact number of whole years, for three days. This is according to the Gregorian calendar. He claims he is following another calendar; whatever. I have this to say.

My family is pursuing a varied number of life paths as I write this. Nonetheless I believe that we are all the same cosmic person. How so?

I had kind of a heated debate with my beloved daughter today, about the paths to truth. Intuition  vs. Science, or some such. I told her that to really get to the truth of things, one has to accept that one, and maybe the only, way to know, is with the so called Scientific Method.

She is very, very intuitive, definitely much more than I am. Being dumb and slow, I need to have things proven to me step, by step, that is mathematically.

Something else I cannot have in my game is God. I do not like this gal or guy around, because she/he knows everything. I have to find out by myself, what things are.

This game is played with friends, only humans allowed. There are rules. We have to agree and what is true, and what is bogus. Since this is a human game, what is true remains so, until some other human, smarter than us, convinces the scientific community, with data and mathematics, that the old truth dies, and a new one is born. The King is Dead, Long Live the King. Newton is no more, now we are all Einsteineans.

My belief in this Cosmic Person is not scientific, it is intuitive. I believe that my siblings and my children are different branches of the same plant, just like the Aspen Tree!

We are a Clonal Colony.

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