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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Online Presence

I discovered the Internet in 1994 at Fermilab. I decided to be present since then. After a few burnt hard drives, and lost jobs, I still find something of myself online. I just showed up late to an online class by Edgar Altamirano. Fortunately he arranged three slots for today. I woke up late this morning, and went to do some chores and was late for the 6 o'clock one also. I am online now, I will be there for the 9 o'clock one.

I already learned something from Edgar, people will know me, by my online products. I have to organize my Astronomy class in MasteringAstronomy.

I believe that the main site I have to keep current is inside my brain. There are a few questions I want answered, once I do, it is my job to let others know.

I am going to the Pearson's site now. They published the book I am using.

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