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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Robust Process Automation and Routines

Today in the NYT Magazine there is a beautiful article on mathematics tutoring.

I worked three years at Lucent Technologies, with a research team, developing Robust Process Automation (RPA) software.

Next week I will be taking an Artificial Intelligence (AI) class, through edX at my Alma Mater, the University of California.

Things are falling in place.

I am an Adjunct Astronomy Instructor at Waubonsee Community College in Plano, Ill. We use MasteringAstronomy there.

I believe I can do better tutoring children than some.

Put together RPA-AI and volià; now kids learn math!

RPA is based on a simple observation. Do a routine software maintenance task and observe yourself. Now try to write a computer program that mimics you. Keep it simple and improve. The lesson from Neil Heffernan is similar, observe how a math tutor, e.g. his wife Cristina, does it, and build a software program to approach as much as possible her level of performance.

Keep it Simple, Stupid! (KISS)

If you add to it the theory of AI, I believe I can make a better tutor than Pearson did with MasteringAstronomy!

Hello World!

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