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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jo Tuckman's Mexico

The Guardian journalist Jo Tuckman, recently wrote a book on Mexico. [Review]. [Amazon].

She has lived near downtown Mexico City for twelve years now. I almost feel like she is my neighbor, even though I've never met her. She wrote a good book. Here are my thoughts.

Recently three of the main intellectuals of Mexico wrote a note in La Jornada. Colin Woodard wrote a book about the future of North America: American Nations.

The conclusion I draw, is that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is leading a rebellion in Mexico. The country is divided in the middle, to the North we have, what Woodard calls El Norte, and the rest is AMLO's territory.

The First Nation, as Woodard calls it, together with Mesoamerica  are the borders of European America. The First People are back, they woke up after five hundred years of stupor.

Tighten your seat belts!

I guess this is what December 21, 2012, is all about.

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