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Monday, March 26, 2012

Zombies in Naperville?

My wife and I were having a nice picnic at Central Park in Naperville. There was a mother with a few kids in the games section. We saw a young man and an older one approaching us, this is Saturday afternoon. The older man started asking for directions for a statue. My wife made it clear we were not going to give him these directions, he told her she needed to go to a Hospital for mental treatment. They left. Then another woman approached us asking for help. We told her we couldn't help, and she kept walking towards the other two men that by then were in another part of the park.

After a while the two men left in a small truck.

This morning I felt like they had approached us like zombies, not very coherent, trying to get something from us.

Are we living through the end of an Era?

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